Create Freedom was created for entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking for growth strategies to build their business, generate more revenue, and ultimately create more freedom in their life.

We will be covering a wide range of topics in business growth including Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Productivity, Sales, Management and more.

Here is a little about the two of us behind the website…

About Kevin

I started my first business when I was 19-years-old working from my college dorm room.  What started as a side hustle while in school turned into a legitimate business that ultimately led to me dropping out of business school to focus on the business.

I sold that first business for a then life-changing amount and went to work on my second business, which I more recently sold for another life-changing amount.

That led me to be able to work on my true passion which was a Hockey Training website I had started on the side.  I combined my passions of hockey, fitness/training, and marketing and created a website that would help hockey players become better players through training.

Dan and I partnered on the Hockey Training website and have built it up to be a very well known, profitable and growing business.  Being able to combine passions of mine to help other hockey players and also make a living is extremely satisfying.

To me, freedom is being able to take time off working pretty much whenever I’d like and being able to enjoy life with my family and friends to the fullest without having to worry about money.

Together, with Dan, I want to help other entrepreneurs build their own businesses up so that they can do the same.  I hope you join us on the journey.

About Dan

As a young man growing up in high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. This left me not very passionate at all towards seeking business success, so I took the easy road out and accepted a job at a local machine shop where I was doing one of my school classes at the time.

During this time period, and for many years prior, I had always been fascinated by the science of health and fitness. I was reading nearly every single day for years, which led to me being the “go-to” guy in my machine shop for advice on how to get healthy.

Then – one of the best things in my life happened.

The company I was working at had massive layoffs, and I was one of the 50% of our staff that got let go.

Instead of moping around depressed or finding another “job”, I took it as a sign that I had a second chance at life and went back to college.

I graduated, hit the floor as a base-level personal trainer at a Gold’s Gym, and the rest is history from there.

Through working in my true passion, I was able to build a world-class reputation for getting results. My expertise allowed me to move from working at a large chain-based facility to being able to work 100% from home within only three years of employment.

Then, within five years of being in the industry – I already had multiple NHL, NFL, MLB, and UFC athletes as clients, alongside several celebrities. On my watch, my clients achieved UFC World Title victories, Superbowl Championships, became NFL Hall of Fame inductees, and even broke all-time world records.

I come from a town of only 2000 people, but have toured the world speaking at major events and have built multiple six-figure businesses online in my 20’s while doing exactly what I want to do with my life, no longer bound down by the “job” I had before.

To me, freedom is living a life where you are doing what you are truly passionate about, and you’re also doing it on your time and nobody else’s.

Kevin has had extreme success in his life that he is consistently modest about, and when we partnered up to create HockeyTraining.com – I knew we were going to be able to create true freedom from it.

Together, our combined skill-set will help you build your own business with extreme clarity so that you too can live your vision of freedom. 

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