How To Find The Right Online Fitness Niche

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In this article, I’m going to use my real-life experience to help you navigate the online fitness business world and better be able to identify where you fit best in order to achieve your highest level of success.

You see, I recently just moved back to London, Ontario. 

I spent four years in Calgary and although it was beautiful, I knew I was going to need to move my life back East in order to take all of my business ventures to the next level. 

I bought a house in the exact neighborhood that I wanted, so that was pretty cool. 

The only problem was that the residence I purchased was about 4x the size of anywhere else I have ever lived. 

The result was having so little stuff when I showed up to get the keys that it was almost laughable on the first day. My wife and I had never experienced something like this before. 

Needless to say, once we moved what little possessions we had into the place, the fun of getting the house “our way” began.

Interestingly, as I was making a plan on how to furnish the place, I was faced with a strange decision that doesn’t just occur in decorating a new house, it’s a choice that parallels itself perfectly within the business world. 

The question at hand was whether I should quickly just buy a bunch of stuff to fill up the house and go to a major furniture retailer so I can buy everything at one place, or to build out my new house with quality, meaningful, and carefully selected items over time? 

If I bought the big box store items, I’m sure they would be nice, but they would just feel like “placeholders” until I designed the house exactly the way I wanted. 

I knew I didn’t want these placeholders long-term, but it would be so easy and quick to choose this route. 

The idea of filling our lives with placeholders stands true in every sector within our business: advertisements, articles, videos, products, programs, social media posts, and even our career choice. 

We can either choose to fill up our lives with quick and easy things or, possibly delay the temporary comfort that comes with instantly padding our nests and instead go after what we truly need and want most.  

Don’t get me wrong, placeholders in our lives aren’t always a bad thing because they serve a purpose, however, the unseen “success anchor” with these things is how easily they become permanent if you let them. 

From what I’ve witnessed in my years in the fitness industry and watching so many coaches try and fail at the online gig is how these placeholders appear to be the path of least resistance, but, this path only leads to mediocrity. 

It’s not what they planned, but, in their rush for social media likes and in an effort to “make it” they think it’s the easiest road there. 

As a result, they wake up one day and find themselves in a minefield of unintended situations dominating the bulk of their living reality and wonder how the hell they ever got there. 

Does any of this sound familiar to you? 

Something that is convenient and easy, but doesn’t provide you true fulfillment or success? 

An approach that might pay the bills, but leaves you with no satisfaction at the end of the day and always wanting more? 

Business partners that are readily available, but don’t stimulate or inspire you? 

The list of examples is endless. 

We need to avoid the barrage of complacency and begin to start evaluating where you have placeholders in your life. 

Just like I was forced to address this question with my new house, you’re deep desire for true satisfaction demands that you clarify your place and replace your placeholders with truly meaningful people, environments, and day-to-day work. 

Once you do this, you will find the exact niche you belong to within the online fitness world. 

Don’t create another “me too” product because if your heart isn’t behind it you are going to be CRUSHED by the people who are passionate about that product. 

The only way you’re going to survive is if you find your niche and love working within it every single day of the week. 

Anything other than that will have an expiration date, and you don’t want an expiration date on your future happiness, success, or security. 

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