Copywriting Tips for Health and Fitness Coaches

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In the health and fitness industry, I admittedly broke through obscurity with my expertise in training and nutrition.

In the beginning, I definitely didn’t have anywhere near the marketing skills that I do now — and even still, guys like Kevin McClelland are a thousand times better than me at this. 

But, I do know a thing or two about how all of this works. 

Having made my entire living off of creating content and selling products online, you don’t walk the road I have walked and not pick up a bunch of tools and tricks along the way. 

I have spoken before on the importance of writing skills, but today I want to dive a little deeper into some tips that I have for you on writing copy for your products/services. 

Defining Copywriting

Copywriting: Copywriting is the act, or occupation of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. The product, called copy, is written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action. 

Essentially, it’s the long sales letter you see on sales pages that try to hype up the product/service and get you to buy the thing they are selling. 

Good copywriting = A high conversion of sales page visitors to paying customers.

Bad copywriting = A low conversation of sales page visitors to paying customers. 

Copywriting is an incredibly valuable skill to have in your company, whether you do it yourself or outsource it. 

Good copywriting is what makes terrible products sell in the millions, and conversely, bad copywriting can make a great product never see the light of day because nobody wants to buy it. 

If you want any hope of making money in this industry, you’re going to need to understand the basics of writing copy — even if you plan to always outsource it. 

10 Copywriting Tips for Fitness Entrepreneurs

Again, there are people out there more qualified than myself to write articles on copywriting, and that’s exactly why I am keeping this article brief. 

I am only going to provide you what I know has worked well for me in the past, so if you’re a coach who wants to “make it” online, I can guarantee these tips will help you.

  1. Figure out what your customers need, and then sell them exactly that. I know this sounds braindead simple, but you would be amazed at how many people never survey their customer/prospect base.

  2. To collect market research from tip #1, I recommend sending out a few short emails to your readers asking for feedback and including a Call-To-Action at the end of all of your free content releases asking them “What they would like to see next” — Not only will you get replies/engagement, you will get excellent insight as to how you should be shaping your copywriting.

  3. If you’re stuck finding a “big idea” to shape your copy around, figure out what triggers your specific niche. Donald Trump’s entire campaign was built around addressing triggers, and it worked.

  4. Load your copywriting with social proof, testimonials from people who fit the niche this product is for are HUGE.

  5. Sell benefits, not features. People don’t care about periodization, they want to feel amazing.

  6. Test the story you’re selling — focus on testing different leads for your sales page.

  7. Your upsells should be perfect “add-ons” to your front end offer so that it’s a logical progression for your customer to go through. For example, if they are buying a meal plan template from you it could be wise to upsell a delicious recipe guide as well. The copywriting wouldn’t really have to change much since it’s in the same scope and your average order value could double.

  8. Get a second opinion, preferably from a great copywriter who doesn’t have an emotional interest in your success. When you have someone knowledge looking through and cutting up your funnel/copy, they can provide invaluable insight to the “holes” in your pitch that you might be blind to.

  9. The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. Put another way, focus intently on getting one of your offers converting very well before starting a new one. Nothing is worse than working on a ton of offers that are all converting poorly.

  10. 80% of marketing is knowing who you’re talking to. Your entire sales script should sound as if you’re talking to one person and not a group. Moreover, the more niche you can get with your service, the better. 

Final Thoughts

The above tips are not revolutionary by any means, but in almost all cases it is simplicity that wins the endgame. 

Just like it’s the basics that get you your results in the gym, the basics get you the majority of your results in business. 

If you don’t have the basics in check, then don’t worry about the advanced sales copy tactics. 

Put another way, if you don’t understand basic addition and subtraction yet, why are you focusing on calculus? 

Use the above 10 tips, keep it simple, and if you need any help at all then check out the Create Freedom Academy and allow us to take the lead. 

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