Four Ways To Deal With Haters

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If you haven’t already encountered one, you will.

Life on the internet is full of people who feel protected behind their screens. Because of this, they lash out on anybody who is excelling in something they aren’t.

They are shameless too, they don’t see how much of a waste of time what they are doing is, or, how it doesn’t help their current situation at all.

I have been called every name in the book, literally.

With millions of video/article/website/podcast views, you can imagine all of the different ways people have come up with to insult me.

In the beginning, when I was new to all of this — I gotta tell ya, some of the stuff I read about me stung a little.

As the years have gone on, I have come up with ways in which to protect myself, my ego, my integrity, and my reputation.

If you want to listen to a podcast I did specifically on this topic, listen to here.

My only regret with that podcast was that I didn’t get down to actual tactics, it was more or less a big F-You message, which I have to admit was super fun, but wasn’t entirely helpful.

Today, I want to right that wrong and give you exact strategies to work with in order to deal with these low lifes.

Here are my top 4 tips in no specific order.

#1: Success Is The Best Revenge

In many cases, people are upset that you are taking action in your life because your action steps magnify their inability to take action.

So instead, they stay behind a keyboard and try to cut people down to size. Not because it makes them grow as a person, but so other people don’t get far ahead of them.

I’ve had a weird relationship with a couple of mentors of mine in the past who shall not be named, but the strangeness all started occurring when I was on their level from a knowledge or business perspective.

They saw I was succeeding in what they were supposed to be helping me with, but instead of cheer me on and help facilitate more growth, they slowly grew resentful that what I was doing was working.

Unfortunately, many mentorship processes end this way. Not speaking about myself, but speaking for others as well who had great teachers until they became jealous and envious of your passing them on the totem pole.

Do not allow haters to stop you in your tracks, do not allow jealous past mentors to stop you in your tracks, and don’t even allow family/friends to stop you in your tracks (lots of times, they are the worst ones).

Success is the best revenge.

You being upset that someone is hating on your work is a disrespect to all of the people who love your work.

Don’t be the fool who cares more about his negative reviews than his positive ones. Do what you do to prove your believers right, and not to “prove your haters wrong”

You being successful in the end will be a sweeter revenge than any “comeback” online could ever be.

#2: You’re Not Always Going To Be The Best Right Away

Anybody who has ever done anything worthy of admiration has always had hardships.

It’s impossible to reach success without hardship, moreover, it’s impossible to achieve any personal growth without hardship.

Think about it, stress/criticism is in many ways our catalyst for growth. It’s what makes us uncomfortable enough to change, and this change almost always makes us a wiser, more complete version of ourselves.

When you first start writing articles, you might not be that good.

When you first try recording videos, you will probably be terrible. Filming is a lot harder than it looks.

When you first get interviewed on a podcast, you might stumble over your words out of fear and nerves because it’s your first time.

What I have to say to all of this is…

Who cares?

You’re never going to be great at something right away, and to think that is immature.

So, if you catch some “haters” early on, don’t respond to them.

Understand that you’re still perfecting your craft, and their criticism might actually be useful tips for future direction if they are well-structured.

#3: Never Respond.

I have been in the online game since about 2012, to this day, I have never got into an online debate.

It’s such a waste of time, I can think of a million more productive things I could be doing with myself, my family, and my business than arguing with someone on social media.

Literally anything is a better use of your time.

You’re not going to change their mind with reason because they came to their opinion without reason in the first place. You can’t fix stupid.

Moreover, you are actually HELPING them if you respond because of the ways the algorithms are set up.

When you respond to them, you:

  1. Bring yours and theirs response comment to the top of the photo/post comment order, so more people are going to read it.
  2. If you respond publicly and link their website on your website with a “response blog” — You just increased their SEO in a net-positive way for them.
  3. Both of the above increase attention and traffic to something you don’t want people seeing.
  4. You open yourself up to future audience members thinking it’s OK to be negative on your page, thus increasing the negative comments.
  5. Even if you win the debate and gain more followers, the followers you gained are ones that follow you because they enjoy internet drama and not because they are going to be a customer of your work.

Trust me, for the above reasons and many more, just delete and ban these people. Let them move on to the next one, because that’s all they will do.

You can never please everybody, so don’t even concern yourself with thinking this way.

#4: You Don’t Build A Business On A Foundation Of Hate

Look, even if you want to produce the best work the world has ever seen and become a millionaire — you really only need about 1000 die-hard fans to reach all of your financial dreams.

This isn’t a lot of people.

What I’m saying here is that it’s not about how many people don’t get you, the only thing that matters is how many people do get you.

When you have 1000 diehard fans, they people your marketing force and your income at the same time — lots of times they will also do your debating for you as well.

The million people who don’t get you won’t matter, because all you should be focusing on is the few that do.

Treat them well, they deserve it, and they deserve more of your attention than your haters.

Final Thoughts

If you aren’t your own biggest fan yet, you’re in a lot of trouble because there is going to be more than enough people out there who don’t support what you do.

It’s impossible to please everyone, and doing so wouldn’t mean that you are standing up for what you believe, and if you don’t stand for something than no one can stand with you.

Keep doing your thing, and when these things come, don’t allow them any space or time in your head because you’re only focus is treating and servicing those well who do support you and your journey.

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