How To Become A Popular Health and Fitness Coach

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In today’s article, I want to provide you with one major tip to start building your reputation, get more attention, and become an overall more memorable presence on social media and within your gym. 

It’s simple, find your thing.

You can’t look like everybody else or you will never stand out from the pack. 

There are millions upon millions of personal trainers and coaches in existence today who ALL look the same. 

Same build.

Same clothes.

Same hair cuts. 

Same details in their online profiles. 

Same everything. 

And then they wonder why they haven’t gained any traction yet. I’m here to tell you that it’s very tough to gain any sort of traction if you look and sound like everybody else around you. 

Separating Yourself From The Pack

There are two main ways to differentiate yourself from everybody else.

#1: Niche down in your client-demographic. 

#2: Have a standout feature about yourself. 

The first one is very straightforward, if you don’t have or don’t want to have a standout feature about yourself (more on this below), then you need to niche down in your client demographic in order to break a signal through the noise. is a perfect example, that is as niche as it gets. 

Hockey players know we are speaking to them and them only when we put out content. 

80% of marketing is knowing who you’re speaking to, or, to put it another way:

When you speak to everybody, you end up speaking to nobody.

With the over-saturation in trainers available today it’s never been more important to not generalize yourself as a “Personal Trainer” or “Strength and Conditioning Coach”

Sure, these might be your official job titles. But, you’re more than likely not going to create real freedom in your life if this is also how you market yourself. 

This is the #1 reason why so many personal trainers “get by” with their paychecks and don’t truly create financial freedom in their life. 

Always remember, if you speak to everyone you will end up speaking to no one because people like to know that you understand and can empathize with their exact scenario. 

If you need help picking a niche I wrote an entire guide on it here, it will point you exactly in the right direction. 

But for the purpose of this blog (becoming recognizable), understand that you can’t build a reputation on the same foundation that everyone else is using to build theirs. 

Find your target demographic and go all-in. I want you to stop thinking about going a mile wide and an inch deep — instead, I want you to go an inch wide and a mile deep. 

Go all-in, trust me, no niche is too small when it comes to making “freedom” amounts of money online. 

Which brings us to the second way to become recognizable…

What’s Your Standout Feature?

What makes you physically different than the millions of other trainers who have the same education as you?

Yes, I meant physically different. 

Whether you like it or not people are visual creatures, and how they see you is a major process in the neuron formation process for creating memories. 

You will always remember someone better if they had something unique going on with them. 

What is that, or, what can that be for you?

Steve Jobs had his turtleneck.

Chris Sacca has his cowboy shirts. 

Bikini competitors have big booty’s. 

Charles Poliquin had insane arms. 

Kevin O’Leary has his custom suits. 

Many Instagram girls are drop dead gorgeous. 

Kai Greene has very long and unique hair. 

Don’t let the names listed above intimidate you from the high heights of success that they have reached, instead, see them as good examples of people who have “standout” features that allow you to remember them better. 

Smart coaches (or should I say, smart business people) know that it’s not enough to just be a great program designer, people have to be able to remember you and recognize you. 

In this case, having something standout can be a major advantage to you. 

Do you have a freaky body part that you have been holding back so that you have a more balanced physique? 

Consider letting your freak flag fly and train that muscle group HARD. 

Do you look good with a crazy hair color? 

Consider doing some posts really magnifying that look to stand out and be memorable. 

Do you have a unique voice?

Consider doing more video or podcast content to let your charisma shine through instead of always doing written/image-based posts. 

Do you have a great sense of style?

Take full-length photos of you getting ready to go out for your posts and not just gym selfies wearing the same old stuff. 

The options are endless here. The only thing I don’t want you to do is be like everyone else, because you’re not like everyone else. You are you, and you need to start expressing that.

Final Thoughts

I hope today’s article was able to spark some new ideas for you to move forward with because when you have a standout feature it will become something that is so much more than just:

“Oh is that the guy with the giant arms? Yeah, I know him!”

That recognition allows people to talk about you, and getting people to talk about you is what the game is all about. 

If you need help with this process, check out the Create Freedom Academy because it has everything you need to become a successful health and fitness coach.

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