How To Build Value In Your Training

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When you’re selling anything in this industry you have to always keep in mind that people aren’t price sensitive, they are value sensitive.

If they don’t perceive that the value of your program exceeds the cost then they aren’t going to buy it, period.

You need to be able to build up the value of what you’re selling to the point where it seems like a no-brainer for your prospects to sign up with you.

This is why you always see free bonuses at the bottom of sales pages online, or the classic:

But wait, there’s more!

Taglines on infomercials.

They are slowly building up the value until it reaches a point that the customer feels it’s a great deal and that the value is clearly exceeding the asking price.

This is selling 101, you see it everywhere online because it works, just have a look at any one of our Hockey Training sales pages. We stack up the free gifts because:

  • People love them
  • It doesn’t cost us any more money
  • It builds a lot of value

The Power of Adding Value

In 2018 my wife and went on an amazing trip where we toured Italy, Greece, England, and France.

It was the most amazing trip of our entire lives, but it also came with a great business lesson for anyone in the entrepreneurial game.

Have you ever bought a macaron in France? Or, anywhere for that matter?

These stupid little cookie sandwiches are hardly even a bite, they are gone before your know it, and if we are being perfectly honest they aren’t even that good.

I mean they’re good, but it’s not like they top the cookie/dessert charts by any means.

Why am I bringing up the macaron?

Because the things are ridiculously expensive.

You can expect to pay 3-5 EUROS for one of these things, and since i’m a Canadian that meant I was expect to pay anywhere between $4.50 to $7.50 just for one of these things.

To me it’s just an outrageously overpriced cookie.

But, value is a subjective thing and the perceived value that a macaron is offering can vary dramatically.

You see, the real value here is psychological and therefore intangible.

It’s pretty, it’s “proper”, it’s expensive (and therefore perceived value goes up), it’s fancy, and it’s little so the perceived calorie count is low.

One person’s rip off is another person’s fancy little low-calorie indulgence.

Like most things we buy, or things we value when we have everything we need already, macarons are not a product.

They are a story we tell ourselves and an experience that’s only 5 EUROS away at any moment.

So, although from a manufacturing perspective it’s wildly cheap, due to the experience it sells its customers it’s one of the most marked up foods in the history of mankind.

Final Thoughts and Challenge

How can you build value in your fitness services today to either demand a higher price point, or, convert more prospects at your current price point?

What experience are you selling?

Can you give them a recipe book PDF?

Can you give them a “quick start guide”?

Can you include a free Skype call?

When you find your value-add you will immediately start seeing an increase in conversions from prospects to customers.

Find yours and implement it this week.

For more information on exactly how you should be setting up your online fitness business to drive more sales and build your following, check out the Create Freedom Academy today.

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