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If you were to ask me what is the one thing that you could do in order to start achieving more success in your life and guaranteeing that you will follow through on your ambitions, I’d tell you this one simple “hack”:

Get an accountability partner.

An accountability partner can be a family member, friend, significant other, mentor, or coach. I have always been a huge fan of having a coach, no matter what level you think you’re currently at or how advanced you think you are.

I always have a coach, and I am always coaching others.

We can all learn from one another, but one thing that makes a coach so valuable (well, a good one anyways) is the fact that you respect them greatly, so letting them down is not an option.

Put another way, they are the most powerful accountability partner you could ever have.

The Best Investment You Could Ever Make

It doesn’t take many good experiences for one to realize that the best investment they could ever make is the one they make in themselves.

Instead of looking at the cost of a coach or program, you should be looking at the outcome of working with that coach or getting involved in that program.

Focusing on outcomes is something that has allowed me to change my mindset and look at things differently.

Books don’t “cost” ten dollars if they have million-dollar ideas in them waiting for you.

Programs don’t “cost” hundreds of dollars if they have content in them that you have never been exposed to that will save you hundreds or thousands of hours in time management and productivity.

Coaches don’t “cost” thousands of dollars if they have million-dollar strategies and blueprints for you to follow.

It all comes down to accountability in one way or another. Some remain accountable to themselves when they buy a book because they don’t want to waste the money they spent buying it, so they become accountable to themselves to complete it sooner than later.

While others, and this is most people, feel a much greater need to perform and excel when they know they are being monitored and watched by someone they deeply respect.

The Three Pillars of Accountability

When accountability is done right, it focuses on three major areas:

  1. Focus
  2. Accountability
  3. Implementation

These areas are critical to your success, and critical for your coach to understand if he/she is going to help you reach your potential.

I give away free content constantly across multiple channels – what I charge a premium for is the amount of knowledge and experience I can offer you on these three elements as it pertains to your exact situation in life right now.

Especially that implementation part, as it is likely the most critical aspect of success in business.

It doesn’t matter if you have an amazing idea if your implementation is garbage. Harsh, but true.

Making Myself Clear

One thing I want to be extremely clear about within this article today is that I want you to get rid of the idea that you can do it yourself.

We all need help, and that’s ok. It doesn’t make you any less ambitious or passionate, asking for help only speaks towards your intelligence and desire to keep moving forward.

I am a huge believer in asking for help, some of the most transformative processes people ever go through in life aren’t books or articles, but having incredible relationships with real coaches and mentors who change everything they thought they knew.

Having a clear mentality is key when you’re serious about making major changes and improvements in your life. The main thing to look for is:

What will the outcome be?

When it comes to getting an accountability partner, you will have focus, accountability, and implementation. This will help boost your business production quickly and efficiently through a system that makes sure you keep “showing up” each and every day.

Final Thoughts

I leaned heavily on hiring a coach within this article as I always like to speak from experience, but an accountability partner can be anybody in your life.

Just be sure to pick someone whom you deeply respect and do not want to disappoint – they also get bonus points if they aren’t afraid to tell you how it is when you make dumb decisions or are performing poorly.

As a parting thought exercise, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Who do you currently know in your life, personally or professionally, that could be your accountability partner?
  2. Are you willing to invest in one?
  3. What type of work are you performing poorly with that you need more accountability on?
  4. Once you find someone, how are you going to implement the accountability system so that it doesn’t fall apart?

Kevin and I would love to be your accountability partners.  We are currently accepting a limited number of coaching clients for some 1-on-1 (or I guess 2-on-1) business coaching and support. 

This includes weekly accountability check-ins, strategy calls, and more.

If you’re interested in growing your business online and want to fast-track the process send me an email at Dan (at) and we will see if you’re a good fit!

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