The Truth About Business That You Should Know

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Truth About Business

In modern times, the effort public figures put towards being politically correct is something that’s done to a laughable extreme. Heaven forbid you ever have an opinion on something!

To make something clear right off the bat, I’m here to help you be the best possible version of yourself.

Doing that in the most efficient manner for both of us requires that instead of beating around the bush constantly, we cut straight to the facts about what’s real – and what’s just BS.

The way in which you are going to find me different than any other business advisor is through the crystal-clear reality that I’m not here to be your cheerleader.

Yes – I agree that we could all use a great motivational talk or read from time to time.

But, something I have witnessed emerge in the past several years is this idea that for some reason motivational speakers think they are business coaches.

I hate to break it to you, but, just because you’re motivating doesn’t mean that you know what the best business practices are, or even if you have any experiences starting up multiple successful businesses.

Inspiring people isn’t enough, sometimes you just have to give them the cold hard truth.

That’s what I want to offer you today, the three business truths you need to hear before anything else.

Truth #1: Your Idea Actually Has to Be Good.

It doesn’t need to be MASSIVE, so don’t freeze yourself through paralysis by analysis.

But, it does need to unique in one way or another. In that, it just needs to be big enough so it’s different than everyone else.

If you’re trying to sell something you have seen over and over again and there’s no differentiation, it’s going to be extremely difficult for you.

For example, if you try and create a fuel-efficient car right now that’s the same as all of the other car companies, you’re not going to be able to do a product launch and no retailers are going to be interested in including your inventory on their lots because there is no reason to.

But, if you create a cool looking electric car with some incredible software that still goes fast – it sounds like you just made yourself a Tesla and you’re going to be able to blow up on the scene.


Because you’re different.

Examples exist in every organization. If your in the health and fitness industry, your idea must be bigger than just a “fat loss program” – if you’re in the financial planning industry, your idea needs to be bigger than trying to create the 1000th “get out of debt fast!” program. Yawn.

Beyond your idea being unique – it needs to be able to be explained in one sentence. Think about the classic “elevator pitch” for your idea.

Dominos Pizza once said “We deliver hot, fresh pizza in 30 minutes or less”

Amazon Prime states “Fast, free shipping on millions of items”

These slogans were massive for their businesses, and successful examples could go on and on.

How can you be slightly different in a way that matters to people? You need to find your uniqueness in this world because nobody has time for anything that’s less than extraordinary. Think about it, would you ever stop, pause, and spend time on something that you have seen a million times before?

Neither would I.

Your idea might be based on your personality and how you deliver your content because you’re exceptionally great at podcasting.

Your idea might be based on how your software is easier to use than any of the competition’s software.

Your idea might be based on the speed of your service happening in X minutes or less.

There are plenty of ways you can angle your big idea. It can be product-based, people-based, or process-based. It can even be your story and where you came from. Anything – make yourself DIFFERENT.

You have to spend time on this because it won’t matter how cool your website is if nobody wants to visit it.

Truth #2: Normal People Don’t Inspire Superhuman Results.

Normal people struggle on a daily basis.

A normal life means you watch several hours of TV per day and spend several more on social media. It means not buying any books and not getting involved in any continuing education programs.

It involves letting things like your current circumstances and other people control your future instead of you dictating yourself.

You need to manage your time and do what everyone else isn’t willing to do.

This includes having a big idea, being productive, taking care of your health, and turning your personality up to an eleven out of ten so people get a chance to like and trust you with their business and time.

You have to be the inspirational worker in your network and you have to do this with your actions, not your posts. When you can do this, you will separate yourself from the pack and become who you’re meant to be.

To wrap the second truth up with a single question, let me ask you…

If you read the biography of your own life, would you be inspired?

If the answer is no, get up and move. Nobody ever got anywhere in life without taking action.

Truth #3: It’s Simple, But Not Easy.

This is a brutal truth.

Success is quite simple, but only once you accept that it’s not easy.

This is the same for fat loss.

This is the same for muscle gain.

This is the same for saving money.

This is the same for a lot of things in life, it’s not the complexity that holds us back, it’s our resistance to taking action on a daily basis.

Think about someone who has lost 100 pounds – this is an incredible achievement, there is no doubt about that. But, were the changes that complex?

No, no they weren’t.

That person would have had to make a lot of changes, and change can be very difficult – but the changes themselves are very simple.

They ate better, they slept better, they drank more water, and they started moving around a little more. What’s most important here is not the tactics, but the consistency at which the tactics were acted upon.

It’s the exact same with running a business.

Once you create a big idea (key word, “create”, don’t wait for it to come to you), you then create our vision. Once you have your vision, you use proven success methods in order to get the job done.

Idea = I need to lose weight!

Vision = I’ll be so much healthier if I was a hundred pounds less.

Proven success methods = Eat better, move more, drink more water, sleep better.

It’s the exact same. You just need to know the proven success methods, apply the correct amount of effort, and then stay consistent. Once you plug your big idea into this system, the cloak of complexity that success hides behind becomes removed and you realize just how simple all of this can really be.

Final Thoughts

None of this is going to be easy, and that’s a good thing. Easy lives are for suckers.

With easy there is no growth, no learning, and no progress.

What’s worse is that easy things come with the cost of boredom, and we all know what happens to people with easy jobs that they thought were great in the beginning… that is until they became devastatingly bored and hated their job.

This will take work, and you’re going to need to study and continuously learn – as I still do on a daily basis.

Most importantly, you’re going to need to learn how to manage your time and efforts better, so you can be a healthier and more productive human being (or to put in a better way, so you can start creating things at a superhuman pace that inspires others).

When you accept these truths, your mindset will be in the right place moving forward.

Accept that you need a unique idea, accept that you can’t be normal anymore, and accept that easy lives are for suckers.

If you understand these to all of their worth, you’ll be on the path to freedom.

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