Why You NEED To Be An Online Trainer

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I’m going to bet that you got into this industry because you wanted to help people become the best versions of themselves.

In almost all cases, fitness professionals (before they became certified trainers) first felt how good your body and mind feel when you exercise, eat healthy, sleep, and reduce unnecessary stressors.

Maybe they had a coach, maybe they bought a program, or maybe they just “winged it” and cleaned up their lifestyle all by themselves.

But, once you get this feeling of being healthy from the inside-out, you almost feel obligated to share it with the world and help as many people feel as good as you do on a daily basis.

Because of this, you signed up for a personal training course, became a trainer, and started taking on the world!

You Have The Ability Now To Reach More People Than Ever

Right now, with the power of the internet, you have the ability to help more people than at any point in human history.

Better yet, you can do this for next to nothing.

Think about it, you can make a post on Facebook or Instagram and thousands of will people see it… and it’s absolutely free.

It’s truly amazing, especially compared to how expensive traditional models of advertisement are (and how poorly they convert).

Beyond social media, you can advertise to millions through email, Google, YouTube, any of the main social medias, and even the classic pop-up or banner ads.

It’s absolutely ridiculous the reach that you and I can have now and that opportunity alone — the opportunity that such a ludacris reach provides — is more significant than ever.

But, it gets better.

Your Competition Sucks

The best part of all the above is that even though the online world is saturated, it’s not competitive.

There is a difference between saturation and competition, and you need to understand this right now so that you can rid yourself of all the silly thoughts surrounding saturation.

Look, lots of opportunity in the online world will always bring more competition. But believe it or not, they are actually making it easier for you.

Don’t believe me?

If you read my articles then you probably subscribe to the same “fitness coaches” and “business coaches” that I do online (quotations totally intentional).

Because of this, you and I have something in common — we both receive the same garbage on a weekly basis.

Hype, empty promises, copy and paste content, and a bunch of losers trying to “fake it till they make it” with writing and comprehension skills that wouldn’t pass on a 5th grade level.

Yet, this is the norm in our industry — and I friggin’ love that.


Because it’s not just one sector of our industry that’s like this, it’s our entire industry.

They constantly screw up because of one major mistake…

Your Competition Has A “Disposable” Mentality Toward Clients

They simply don’t care about them, once they made the sale or made the training program it’s “on to the next one”.

This sucks for the clients of our industry, but it’s great for us from a competitive standpoint.


Because all you have to be is a “little bit better” and you will still stand out from all the rest.   

And if you’re a lot better, then you can downright expect to dominate your market.

Here’s the truth, in any niche of our industry, there is usually a top player. In my experience, in almost all cases these “top players” have awful marketing strategies (especially with the wave of evidence-based thinking, most people forgot you actually have to be able to sell too).

The top player’s stuff will still sell, cause they’re the top player, but it’s almost always a short-term play because the clients are totally turned off by how “hypey”, exaggerated, and high-pressure it is.

If you doubt this, I challenge you right now to go read the last email from a big player that got sent to you this past week.

Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Let me guess, lots of scarcity, some ridiculous promises, and a ton of sales pressure.

Smile at that, because it makes your job easier.

Especially since all the bogus normally doesn’t stop at the marketing, the products are unfounded in science and crap too.

We’ve All Been There

Look, we have all been there. I’ve bought this kind of stuff too at times.

We’ve all bought something that was supposed to work amazing, but it just “kind of” worked.

What’s sad is that “almost satisfactory” is borderline being moved up to becoming the new “good” in modern times.

This mentality of just being satisfactory, talking too much hype, and making outrageous promises is giving you a MAJOR opportunity to swoop in and gather the masses of customers with greater ease than ever before just by NOT being an idiot.

People are getting increasingly more frustrated with with poor customer service, programs that “kind of work”, and promises that even a 4-year old wouldn’t believe.

They are desperate for someone to not BS them and to treat them well.

Think about it this way…

To a man in a desert, even the dirtiest pond water looks delicious.

Your prospects, clients, and customers are in that desert right now… and if you present them with GOOD water, they’ll never leave and recommend all their friends to come hangout at the “good waterhole”

Final Thoughts

Today’s article was for all of you out there who think the market is too saturated to compete so you don’t even want to try.

This is nonsense.

I want you to keep in mind both the massive opportunity of reach you have in front of you along with the fact that setting up a clean pool in a desert is a lot easier than it first sounds.

Remember that people are dying for a health and fitness professional to treat them with respect and dignity, and they will love it so much when you do that they will reward you for many years to come.

If you want help along the way, I can give you everything you need.

Until then, stay awesome my friend.

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