13 Ways To Accomplish More Goals

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In this article, I want to teach you about the importance of speed in business. 

Anybody who knows me and my story knows that I am not a very patient person. In fact, one of my mantras for my entire career has been:

Say yes, and then figure out how to do it later.

That was always my rule (I remember saying that even in College, it’s been something that’s really stuck with me for a long time) because I knew that opportunities were rare and it’s even rarer when anybody ever feels 100% “ready” for when they arrive. 

Instead of waiting until I felt “ready” for an opportunity — I just did the damn thing. 

If it was a success, great!

If it was a loss and therefore a good learning experience, that’s great too! 

Either way, taking action will always get you one step closer to your goal than not taking action, even if what you did failed

Failures get you closer because now you have more wisdom and experience to work with moving forward to get to your goals faster.

You Can Accomplish More Than You Think You Can

The truth is, even though “Say yes, and then figure out how to do it later” was my mantra, I had way more successes than I did failures.

I found myself realizing that I was capable of more than I thought I was and that opportunities were never “hard” if I just got out of my own way and confidently executed upon whatever it was. 

This speed of action-taking led to more confidence, and more confidence led to even more speed of action-taking. Now I do so many things that people ask:

“How do you handle so much?”

“How do you create so much content?”

“How do you still train 6 days a week on top of running your companies?”

The answer is simple… I don’t wait around to take action. If something needs to be done it’s getting done, no procrastinating. It’s time to move. 

You need to start thinking and acting this way and you need to do it so much that it becomes your autopilot nature. 

You will not build a big business if you don’t move fast, I can promise you that. With that said, here are thirteen ways you can start moving with more speed in your business.

How To Get More Done In Less Time

  1. Wake up before the sun rises. There’s something motivational about waking up and accomplishing your big tasks before anyone else in your industry is even awake. Use this quiet-time to dominate.

  2. Schedule your day into 3-Hour blocks and then set 4 targets that you need to accomplish within each 3-Hour block. I have a written journal that I do this with every single day.

  3. Control your use of social media. The longer this new world stays out the more I’m convinced that it’s the most addicting thing on this planet. People spend more time on social media than they do working towards their dreams. That’s crazy to me.

  4. Protect your time as intensely as you would protect your family. You need “me time” to accomplish your goals and work on yourself. If you don’t control your schedule, someone else will control it for you.

  5. Invest in organization. It’s impossible to act with speed if your life is chaos. Use the Limitless Productivity course to master your time and create the perfect day every day.

  6. Eat a healthy diet. I don’t mean a diet just for fat loss, but, eat a diet that’s rich in whole, minimally processed foods. If you eat junk you’re going to perform like junk, productive people eat healthy so that they can move from one activity to the next with ease.

  7. Work to your potential, not your quota. Stop setting quota’s for yourself if you still have gas left in the tank after you’ve reached them. Quota’s are the fastest route to mediocrity, if you work to your potential you will find you had so much more to give.

  8. Never measure your speed by those around you. Most people kind of just wander through life at a leisurely pace and don’t really accomplish anything. If you gauge your effort based on the effort the people around you are putting in, it’s likely you still have a lot left to go because they set a low bar.

  9. Perfectionism is the best excuse I have ever heard for procrastinators. Stop trying to make everything perfect, just do it.

  10.  If someone around you hasn’t told you that “you need more balance in your life” yet then you probably aren’t working hard enough. Set some priorities and start executing them.

  11. Don’t try and learn from your friends or family, just because you love someone doesn’t mean they are a wise person or that they have any business savvy knowledge. With the power of the internet we can learn from the greatest entrepreneurs of all time. Use this power.

  12. Keep your calendar packed full. If you have white space on your calendar than you have time you could be using the better yourself. Your calendar should be full, even with things that aren’t work-related.

  13. Set hard deadlines so that you’re forced to work with a ton of speed. In my business growth systems course, I outline exactly how I live my life 90-Days at a time. I would suggest you do too. 

Final Thoughts

I want to finish today’s article off with the bonus tip of investing in mentorship. 

Taking action with speed is important, but, when you can marry that to correct decision-making being guided by an experienced mentor… that’s when your business will really start blowing up. 
If you want help every step of the way, check out the Create Freedom Academy today and get access to all of the business tools, systems, growth strategies, and expert experience a health and fitness entrepreneur could ever ask for.

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