Five Steps to Transitioning Your Fitness Business Online

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The fitness industry is a great place to be right now for coaches with an appreciable amount of training and/or nutrition expertise.

We’re in high demand.

We love our jobs.

The world needs us more than ever.

And with the right knowledge, we can leverage our expertise online to not only make more money – but also helps thousands of more people reach their goals.

Whether it be athletes or general population, you will be creating a larger positive impact with your work while simultaneously becoming more financially secure.

That sounded like a pretty good goal to me back in 2013, so I jumped into the online world (from previously being an on-the-floor personal trainer at Gold’s Gym) and have created several online products and companies since that are giving back to me multiple six-figures per year in net-profit without much maintenance.

This is what I want for you, if you’re up to the challenge.

There is an abundance of content Kevin and I have released in our articles and through our podcast so that you too can learn exactly what you need to do to blow your business up (especially if you’re a trainer or nutrition coach, as this is the exact path I took).

But today, I want to outline the 5 steps you need to know to start your new path with speed, clarity, and efficiency.

#1: Go Alone If You Want to Go Fast, Go Together If You Want to Go Far

People have this naivety that just because it’s only you sitting at your computer that you only need you in order to build an online business.


You should always be networking and relationship building with people in your field so that you can leverage their expertise in areas where you are weak.

For example, Kevin is an absolute wizard for online marketing, prospecting, website building, and copywriting – he complemented me PERFECTLY because when we started that business I didn’t have any of those skills, all I had was a high-level of knowledge in training and nutrition (which isn’t enough to survive online, sorry to break it to you).

He leveraged my skills and I leveraged his. Together, we were so much more than what either of us could have been alone.

Needless to say, if I could go back in time, I would have built even more relationships. Before I ever even sold a product!

This is what I want you to do.

Interview people, network with people, build relationships with people, attend seminars – if you do this, you’ll have a massive network of leverageable skills and potential affiliates that you can always lean on for help when you need it.

#2: Keep It Simple

Way too many people spend way too much time creating their first product.

You need to stop this immediately.

I’ve seen entrepreneurs spend six months, a year, or even two years creating their first product. It should never take you this long.

Your goal should be to make your first product in a weekend, or maybe two weekends. This is especially true if you’re working part-time.

Do this fast and get into the habit of making “speed of implementation” a part of your mantra.

All you need to do is sit your procrastinating butt down and crank this thing out.

If you’re struggling with getting your product done, here’s a pro tip: Make it a video product.

Why does that help?

Well, hiring a videographer will cost you about $300 bucks, then, renting the room and/or facility you are going to record your product at will probably cost you another $300 bucks.

Now, you’re $600 bucks down.

The best part?

You had to book your videographer and facility, which means you now have a deadline to work with because they are going to be at a certain place at a certain time – and you better be ready for it or else you just wasted everybody’s time (and your money).

In any case, get in the habit of getting things done and getting them out to the world.

And, for the love of all things good, keep it simple.

You don’t need to create the next Mona Lisa – the modern market doesn’t care about the mountain of scientific theory behind your product.

You know what products absolutely crush it?

Diet books that have about 4 pages of theory in the front, and then over a hundred pages of recipes.


Because nobody cares about the science that you love – they simply want “what should I do?” type of products, and not “why should I do it?” type of scientific theory (if you haven’t noticed, I learned this one the hard way).

Don’t spend hundreds of pages or hours on theory, just give them what they want so they can get it done.

#3: Preparation Is Key

One of the scariest (scratch that, DUMBEST) things you could possibly do is just cut yourself completely off of your current job and just jump into the online world thinking that it will replace your current income right away.






I’m all about people chasing their dreams, but there is always a smart way and a scary (cough*dumb*cough) way to do things.

A good rule to have is that you should build your online revenue up to a point where it is matching your current revenue, and then make the switch from there.

For example, if you’re a personal trainer currently making $50K per year in the gym, I would want you to create an online business that is giving you $50K per year online before you ever quit your gym job.

From there, you could leave your in-the-gym position and transition 100% online, put more hours into your online business, and likely triple your online revenue within a year or so.

Get focused, plan your transition, plan your second income to eventually become your first income, and create real freedom in your life.

#4: People Need to Care About You

You need to give people a reason to buy your product and/or follow you. You need an idea, and it needs to be yours.

That’s what I did back in 2013 – I found that the currently available information in the hockey training world was very sub-par and that I could REALLY stand out with my evidence-based approach.

So, I did – and the market responded.

I was different.

I wasn’t another guy doing embarrassing silly things on wobble boards and pretending it was sport-specific, no, I was discussing real sports science theory and referencing my work.

You need a big idea, and you need to separate yourself from the pack.

Whether you want to fit into a super-niche market or if you’re tackling an already established market but through a new a unique angle – it needs to be big and it needs to be different.

You will never survive if you look and talk like everyone else.

#5: Get A Mentor

The greatest transformative processes in life don’t come from reading a book or doing a course, they come from having an incredible experience with a mentor.

If somebody put a gun to my head and said that I have to pick only one thing I would change about my career – I would have likely got a mentor sooner in my life.

We all have mentors, in one form or another. But, nothing replaces a 1-on-1 professional mentor whom you are paying for their guidance.

You’re both invested in your success, and that creates real magic.

It will change your business, it will change your life, and it will allow you to blow past your competition who was too cheap to pay for a mentor. This is silly thinking, mentors give you a 10X return on your investment. Good ones will provide even more than that.

I know a lot of people who started online at the same time as me – you know where they are now?

Me neither.

If you want to slingshot ahead of everybody, join a mastermind or get a mentor. You will save time, save money, and benefit immensely from their years of experience.

Final Thoughts

Making the transition online can be a tough game, but those who are tough enough for the challenge are the ones who reap the massive rewards in the end.

If you follow these five steps, you will be off to an incredible start towards creating the life that you want.

Kevin and I would love to be your new mentors. We are currently accepting a limited number of coaching clients for some 1-on-1 (or I guess 2-on-1) business coaching and support. 

This includes weekly accountability check-ins, strategy calls, and more.

If you’re interested in growing your business online and want to fast-track the process send me an email at Dan (at) and we will see if you’re a good fit!

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