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The business world is really big on statistics, and for a good reason too, data-driven decision making should be at the forefront of your business practice. 

If you don’t know the data behind your advertisements, emails, membership retentions, etc. You’re just asking to run into a lot of money and growth problems. 

Yet, statistics aren’t all good…

Something that “getting into the numbers” can do to the obsessed entrepreneur (which is pretty much all of us) is to over-analyze what your competition is doing. 

This is not worth your time.

Worrying about what your competition is doing is the quickest way to get trapped inside a world where you’re asking yourself things like:

Where are they right now?

What are they making per month?

When they do this next thing, how should I respond?

Look at their social media following! How did they do that?

The obsessed world of competition analysis leaves you watching their every move, and this is the least productive state you could possibly be in. 

It’s negative, it’s anxiety producing, and it distracts you from what you could otherwise be doing from an original idea perspective (instead of always reacting to their content and ideas). 

Focus On Your Coaching And Your Business

If you are focusing on your competition than it’s impossible to put 100% of your creative resources into building up your own empire. 

Besides, the competition landscape is the health space is forever changing. Everything from the powerful affiliates to the dominant social media platform changes on a yearly basis (lots of times much sooner than this).

If the landscape is ever-moving, focusing on your competition is a waste of energy because it’s not going to appear that way in 6-12 months anyways. 

Even still, your competitor tomorrow could potentially be completely different than the competitor you’re analyzing today. 

In either case, it’s completely out of your control. So, why worry about it anyways? 

Where does your business need the most help?

Focus on figuring that out and then use your time accordingly to move the needle forward in whichever way you deem is best for progression of the business. 

You Won’t Reach Your Potential

Perhaps the worst of all this is the FACT that if you focus too much time on your competitors than you will never achieve your true vision and dreams. 


Because you’re reacting to other people’s ideas rather than your own. 

If you try to compete with your competition on their level, you will always be playing their game. 

When you play their game, you aren’t playing yours.

And if you’re not playing your game, well, isn’t that the whole reason you wanted to be an entrepreneur in the first place? 

Success means nothing without fulfillment, and your fulfillment will only ever be true if you are following and achieving your own vision and dreams. 

Final Thoughts

You didn’t get into this industry to be like everyone else, so stop watching your competition and being reactionary rather than visionary. 

Even if you end up losing this entrepreneurial game, it’s far better to go down in a fight for what you believe in than forever knowing you failed at doing something you didn’t even enjoy in the first place. 

If you need help with this growth process, check out the Create Freedom Academy because it has everything you need to become a successful health and fitness coach.

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