How To Keep Your Clients Motivated

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In this article, I want to offer you some great ideas that are immediately actionable that you can use in order to keep clients motivated for extended periods of time so that:

  1. They get better results


  2. You end up with a higher amount of long-term revenue per client

If you haven’t read last weeks article, it works perfectly here as well so I would highly suggest checking it out. But, I will be going a slightly different direction this week.

The reason I say that is because the biggest lesson I want you to take away from today’s article is that a client’s decision to purchase a new package with you is almost entirely dependant on the relationship that you have been building with them all this time.

Results are important of course, because if you’re not delivering them they are going to leave you.

But, there are a ton of trainers in existence today who do deliver great results and yet their clients still never stick with them, why is that?

The relationship. Ten times out of ten.

What is going to set you apart in this market is not more programming knowledge, instead, it’s going to be how you communicate with your client.

This costs nothing and yet can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you in the long term.  

Let’s get into it.

1. Be Aware That They Have A Life Outside of The Gym

I know it might be difficult to comprehend, but, people do have lives outside of training hard and eating well.

Something that could do you a world of good would be to keep a spreadsheet of the important dates that each of your clients has in their lives.

This could be birthdays, anniversaries, their kids activities, and anything else you think is relevant enough to write down. Then, put these dates in your Google calendar so that you’re automatically reminded when the day comes.

When your phone vibrates with this reminder, take a minute to send them a really nice email or text. You would be amazed at how far this will go towards relationship building.

If you want bonus points, set your reminder for 7-Days before the event so you can send a handwritten letter in the mail.

2. Keep A Database of Helpful Information

Whenever you come across a great article, video, or podcast that is communicated in a way that your client will understand and you think might be helpful for one of them in the future, categorize it and keep the link.

You should have different databases of helpful information so it’s organized, easily accessible, and not stressful for you to find anything. I would suggest creating the following categories:

  • Nutrition
  • Training
  • Injuries
  • Supplements
  • Female fat loss
  • Male fat loss
  • Female muscle gain
  • Male muscle gain
  • Exercise demonstrations

Completely download and distribute these yourself via PDF or fully printed on paper, or, just keep all the links handy and email them to your clients and/or prospects for further information and learning.

Now, if they ever have a question or are caught in a peculiar situation you can provide them the information they need to be successful, but:

  1. Current clients will love you even more, which keeps the relationship strong and will keep them renewing

  2. When you send this information to prospects/non-clients, you can always attach your business information along with the email or let them know that you can hop on a quick call with them to discuss their strategy (which you will then of course convert into a sales call)

At the end of the day, keep loads of information readily available because it will help your clients, make your life easier, and drive more revenue to your business.

3. Take Note of Their Vacation Time

Everybody loves talking about vacations and planning vacations, so this is a really easy topic to bring up.

“Got any vacations planned for this year?”

Boom. Done.

They will then unload to you the different times and dates they are planning to go on vacation. If one of those dates falls outside of your current package with them, ensure to remind them come time for their next renewal that:

“We gotta get ready for *insert country name* coming up!”

People buy with their feelings, not their logic.

When you sell the idea that they will look amazing on their vacation, it’s just like selling the idea that a bride will look amazing at her wedding after your training program.

It’s a done deal.

Also, it doesn’t hurt that you remembering their vacation time is a personal thing and helps form your relationship better too.

Final Thoughts

The above three strategies are excellent ways to keep your client highly motivated and engaged in your business.

In the long run, this means that they are worth more money to your business, but at the same time they get way better results and have a lot more fun while doing it.

Use these three tips wisely and I promise it will help take your revenue to the next level, and when you’re really ready to crank things up in your business, check out the Create Freedom Academy.

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