How Fitness Coaches Can Work Less And Make More

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I’ll be the first one to admit it…

I have lived an unbalanced life in the past 5-10 years (to say the least). 

Working from morning to night, daily spikes in stress and anxiety, and an overall feeling of “grinding it out”. 

Last year, however, I was able to increase my income an additional $80K per year on top of what I was already making while traveling less than ever. 

I hardly did any seminars last year after my Australian tour, I stayed at home and reclassified how I defined success. 

I used to think success meant constantly traveling the world, but, now I see success as how much money can I make while not going anywhere and becoming more present in my friend’s and families lives. 

If you asked me a couple of years ago, I would have said that it is “weak” or “lazy” thinking, yet, when I finally employed it I was more successful than ever and last year was really a “break-out” year for me career-wise. 

Now my schedule is predictable and controlled, I work fewer hours, and have made great strides with my physical strength which was always a goal of mine that was constantly held back by working 16-Hour days. 

Listen, you might be in the situation I was in five years ago when everything you do is about “the hustle” or “the grind” — and hey, I think a little bit of that is actually a necessary process when you’re just getting started out. 

But once you figure out who you are in this industry and what you’re best at, you start only doing the things you want to do and stop doing the things you don’t. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel. But the constantly changing time zones aged me over the past few years to where I knew I needed to figure something out. 

Here are the four mindset strategies I used to successfully introduce more balance in my life while not having it negatively impact my income.

1. Hurrying Slowly

A business concept I call “hurrying slowly” represents the idea that you must slow down in order to move faster. 

In order to start accomplishing more in your business, you need to stop working “in” your business and replace that with working “on” your business. 

Spend more time on the “big thinking” strategies that are going to take your business to the next level and stop spending time on the minuscule tasks that you can outsource for pennies. 

You need less time working “in” your business and more time away from your office to fully recharge your batteries so you can come up with the new ideas, strategies, and hooks that are going to take your business to the next level. 

That’s why I talk so much about values, vision, and passion in these articles and on the Create Freedom Podcast… because they drive every decision you make. 

Slow down your busy-work and start being more productive on the things that matter. 

2. Remove Your Ego

If you have been avoiding having an experienced third party look at your business and daily activities then you will most certainly slip into ineffective patterns that can destroy your profits. 

Just like a coach forces you to be uncomfortable to get the best possible results in the gym, a business coach points out the leaks in your system and helps you tighten them up so you can achieve your dreams faster. 

You must constantly be questioning — and being questioned — on whether what you are doing is the right thing at the right time. 

You have to be willing to dissolve your ego and change your beliefs. Here are some questions that will get you started in the right direction:

  1. Why are you currently getting the results that you’re getting?
  2. What do you know is working well for you in an objective way?
  3. What do you know is not working well for you in an objective way? 
  4. What is the straight-line strategy you need to seal the leaks in your organization?
  5. What should you be eliminating from your life? 
  6. Do you feel you have crystal clear direction on what you need to do?
  7. Have you ever gone through a business course made specifically for online fitness business entrepreneurs so you have “outside-in” clarity from a third party on what you should be doing? 

If you need help with any of the above then you need the How To Be A Successful Online Coach Course today.  

3. No, You Do Not Know Better.

It frustrates me to no end when a coach who’s new to the online world decides to make things up as they go along. 

For example, instead of following the Freedom Formula that Kevin and I have created building multiple successful businesses, they “go with their gut feeling”. 

The result is always a disaster that crushes their business venture. 

We provide dozens of resources in our courses for a reason. We’ve found what actually works in the online space. There is no need to try and reinvent the wheel here. 

Your gut doesn’t know better because guts don’t know how to build businesses. 

If that was true, everyone would be successful. 

Set your ego aside and understand that you “making it up as you go along” is going to be as successful as the New Year’s gym-goers who don’t hire a coach. 

4. You Need To Be More Assertive

In order to grow your business, you need to have the skill to say no to more people. 

You will never save the world by yourself and the fastest way to accomplish nothing at all is to try and accomplish everything at once. 

If you want to do great things, then you must do fewer things.

Ruthlessly and unemotionally remove the little things that hold you back from thinking with a clear mind. 

Do you think Kevin and I built Hockey Training while running errands and saying yes to every opportunity that came our way?

Hell no. 

That would have crushed us. 

Instead, make more time for what actually matters by saying no to everything that doesn’t. 

Final Thoughts

You owe it to yourself, your family, and to the world to start becoming better every single day.

So, start doing the work that actually matters and make every moment of the day count.
If you want those outside-eyes I talked about above, check out the How To Be A Successful Online Coach Course I discussed above and let’s get started today.

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