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Do you want to know the painfully obvious ingredient that you need to master to start making a name for yourself online?

It’s something all of the online coaches right now who are crushing it have and it makes them sought after by major podcasts, big media outlets, and other successful coaches for collaboration.

These super entrepreneurs who are crushing it in the online health and fitness space may not be able to tell you how the gut works, what energy balance really is, or how to properly design a training program.

Heck, they might not be able to even find their damn car keys.

What these successful people don’t know about advanced program design would likely shock you, but, one thing is true of virtually every single one of them.

They are marketers.

They are unashamed to sell, never feel like they are “bothering people” by sending emails, and know how to sell day in and day out.

They have their finger on the heartbeat of what’s working in the marketing world, and in return, the marketing world is returning the favor by throwing wealth their way at a rate you can only imagine (the top coaches are doing six and even seven figures every single year, and that’s net-profit).

Change Your Mindset To Change Your Life

Honestly, knowing what I know now about business, I can tell you that if you have emotional disconnections with sales, you tell yourself you “don’t like it”, and have convinced yourself that you’re “just not good at it”…

Then I just don’t have much hope for you in the online business space.

I will just tell you straight up that if you are stuck in your thinking patterns and they sound like the above, the online world might not be for you.

Which is okay, not everybody wants or needs to succeed online.

But if you do, you’re going to need to grow up, grow a pair, and stop refusing to buckle down and get good at marketing. If you needed someone to tell you, let me be the one.

Now is the time.

Let Me Tell You A Quick Story

In 2011, I was a young and hungry entrepreneur.

I had aspirations on becoming the best coach in the world and I wanted to absorb every last piece of information possible in order to make that happen.

After all, you have to learn more to earn more, right?

Although that’s true, if “learning more” doesn’t involve learning more about marketing, you’re dead in the water.

Most personal trainers don’t even last a year in this industry before they go back to the world of 9-5’ers, and it isn’t because they’re bad people. It’s because they were totally naive when it came to marketing and thought they would just get clients a lot easier.

It doesn’t work like that.

So here I was, a super knowledgeable coach who had absolutely no money in his pocket.

I used to joke and introduce myself as “the best coach in the world that nobody knows about”

That still makes me laugh, gotta be positive right?

Fast-forward about a year into my personal training career and I get a new client, his name was Kevin McClelland.

Kevin had already been a friend of mine for our whole lives having played hockey and going to the same school as one another.

But, I admittedly never knew how much a marketing beast he was.

Here I was, a nobody personal trainer.

And here he was, exact same age as me, but had already built up and sold two different businesses and made more money in his twenties than many people make in their life.

So, the coaching relationship slowly developed into a two-way street.

I was designing his training programs and teaching him about nutrition, and he was telling me what I needed to do to become successful online.

You guys know how the story ends, at this point in time Kevin and I own,, and which are all profitable online companies.

I would have never done this without his help, nor would I have ever been successful in anything Team Garner related either.

I don’t tell you this story just to point out how good he is, but instead to point out how important proper marketing advice is.

I’m willing to bet you’re a lot like I was.

You’re an above average coach, but feel like a below average business person.

That’s okay.

It will only be a bad thing if you continue down this road without help. You need to either:

  1. Find your “Kevin” that you can collaborate with on all of your business ventures


  2. Start upskilling yourself so you can become the one-man-show who does both the content creation and marketing for their business. Dr. John Berardi of Precision Nutrition is a good example of a guy who did/does both very, very well.

The Big Lesson

The big lesson today is that if it wasn’t for Kevin, I would probably still be buried in textbook knowledge thinking that alone was going to build me a successful business.

Again, don’t get me wrong, domain knowledge is super important because it will allow you to separate yourself from the pack and gain more trust with your audience.

But the undeniable fact is that good marketing gets people attracted to you, they watch your content, they read your content, they line up to give you money for your services, and they rave about you to their friends and family on social media.

This doesn’t happen with domain knowledge alone, you need to marry that knowledge with a strong foundation in knowing how to get customers in front of you.

Marketers see opportunities in your business that you are blind to.

When you have marketing on your side, you’re the one in power who can choose your own work schedule and place higher price points on your services.

Remember, I’m not just “saying” any of these things, I’m a living example of the catalyst that marketing provided when it entered my life.

Final Thoughts

Every successful business owner online has also found a way to master their marketing.
If you want the exact steps that helped yours truly create a life of freedom and you’re ready to start using razor-sharp marketing strategies to take your business and reputation to the next level — Then check out the Create Freedom Courses today.

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