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I had a conversation with a phenomenal mentor of mine the other day – he has done some unbelievable things in his life through creating a very successful business, but also creating a life full of meaning.

He said something to me that I want to share with you, because it speaks towards the best possible way to influence your team (and yourself). He said:

“Dan, in the beginning – a student of yours should be modelling your behaviors. By the end, they should be a reflection of you.”

To me, this meant that in order to be the best possible leader and businessman that I can be – I need to live my truth, represent my values, and act within my philosophies. Not just sometimes, and not just when people are watching – but always.

This is how you move those around you to be their best, and this is how you in turn become your best.

In the day and age of the online pseudo-business expert, it’s so easy to talk-the-talk, and so rare to see those who walk-the-walk.

But, the great ones do.

Passionately, and consistently.

Train Leaders…Fast

One of the most lucrative areas you could ever invest your time and money in is towards building the practices and habits that will turn your team into a group of leaders, as opposed to a group of employees.

Or, if you’re in the online world – change your mindset to create a community of leaders instead of gathering more followers.

A culture of leadership boosts employee engagement, enhances company culture, drives higher performance, and creates an inner-feeling within the individuals to take ownership of their role and be proud of it.

It’s simple, but powerful. Powerful enough for me to confidently say that if you are able to create a team of leaders faster than your competition – you will beat them ten times out of ten.

The quicker you can get everybody acting as a leader, no matter what position they are in, the faster your company will help you drive your vision.

Culture is Everything

A culture that rewards leadership is a company where everybody feels as if they are the CEO of their position.

It’s one where everybody feels like an entrepreneur and thinks creatively and proactively to drive towards solutions rather than problems.

They are positive, hard-working, and want to lead by example because they are proud of their work.

Most importantly, leaders take personal responsibility for achieving results and driving the company forward (whether or not they sit in the boardroom).

In all of this, I hope I’m being clear.

I, in no way shape or form, am saying that everybody should be a CEO within the company. That type of kumbaya talk can be left to the people who don’t understand real business.

What I am saying though is that having leadership qualities doesn’t mean that everybody is running the organization – this would lead to disorganization and chaos.

Every business needs someone to do the visionary work, and then the team needs to execute this vision. All I am suggesting here is that all of the people on your team need to know their role and show up fully for that role.

They need to know how important it is, and how much you care that they are there.

And when they do feel cared for, and when they know how important their role is to you – they will begin to think, feel, and act like leaders.

Good things will happen to them from the inside-out, and when that happens, good things will happen in your business from the inside-out.

Your First Action Step

Do you have kids?

Or, maybe a younger brother and sister that you had to really step up and take care of?

Then you know all about this first action step…

Leadership begins at home.

If I was a fly on the wall at your house, what would I learn from you about the life that you’re living?

What examples would I learn to try and model and become a reflection of you?

Tough question, I know. Especially if you’re allowing yourself to be honest.

Without a doubt, the best way to influence anybody who looks up to you is to be your authentic self and live the best possible life you can.

If you do this, they will adopt your values, even though their path may be different. The principles you lay down through discipline, preparation, having a positive mindset, following through on your pursuits, being organized, being true to your word, and not allowing yourself to dwell on the past are the same principles that they can utilize in any path they walk.

Anything less would be settling for an average life.

The fruit never falls far from the tree, at home or in your company.

Your children will be way more like you than you may believe – just like your employees will have no reason to push themselves if you aren’t either.

It all starts at home because this is something you have to live and not just get temporarily excited about whenever you watch a motivational video.

You can help your kids become leaders, you can help your employees become leaders, and you can make your company the leader in its category.

But it all starts with you leading the way.

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